Inventory services

Through a combination of 20-year tradition of innovative approach we have developed a unique methodology for carrying out inventory activities which can be adapted to the individual needs of each client. While preparing an inventory, we start from setting the customer needs, objectives and principles of cooperation.

Our priority is to discretion and flexibility, so that the inventory works do not interfere with the current activity of the company. We care about the complexity of services, from accounting to inventory clearance we operate all over Poland, so we can operate with an inventory of many sites at the same time.

We use the latest technologies and our own created software for inventory, so we can efficiently delivery effects of our work to the client base we implement unique fixed assets management system, which enables the client to an independent control-also after the process is completed.

Basing our customers needs and request we offer the appropriate solutions:

  • We are preparing the documentation and procedures associated with the inventory
  • We carry out periodic inventories and continuous assessment of the facts (list from nature)
  • We agree and reconciliate agreed list of nature with records of fixed assets inventory base as well as with records in the books


Adventage for your business – why should You operate with JKF?

  • You will reduce costs and save employees time by outsourcing inventory.
  • You will receive a full and updated information about the status of the assets of the company.
  • Data on the company’s assets will be comprehensive and secured.
  • The inventory will be carried out smoothly and accurately.
  • We offer a full range of reports on inventory and reports discrepancies.
  • We professionally reconciliate the inventory in the books.

If you have any questions re inventory projects, please contact Piotr Pawłowski, chief of project implementation – tel. 515 161 199,

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